I have been diligently working on my Pet en Polonaise, but somehow today I felt inspired to tackle a short project. A few months ago I bought a parasol off eBay, it is covered in wonderful Swiss embroidery lace and has the perfect fin-de-siècle kind of handle.

When I bought it, I thought that the fabric would be so weak that I‘d have to sew up a new cover anyway, so I didn‘t mind the two very badly repaired tears

As the fabric actually is intact and not brittle in the slightest, I decided to restore the parasol to its former glory simply by carefully repairing the tears as invisibly as I could manage. First I removed the iron-on-fabric used to strengthen the long and ugly stitches. Then I unpicked the old stitches.

I carefully blanket-stitched all the open edges with my favorite sewing silk, Soie Surfine, and connected the blanket stitches where no fabric was missing.

Instead of glueing additional fabric behind the now obvious hole I decided to sew some fine batiste in to strengthen.

And finally my new old parasol in all its glory, I’m looking forward to carry it with my Victorian costumes.