How often did I read this on other blogs and now it feels just the same for me. I‘m already thinking of possible costumes for next year (or next time), I‘m thinking about classes to teach, thinking, planning, sketching.

Right now I managed to discipline myself into finishing all the outfits, that didn‘t properly get finished before CoCo.

The first and most important finish is my elliptical hoop skirt. Right now I am seaming my linen petticoat for the sheer dress. This is my model dress:

When the sheer dress is done, I will finish the winter jacket for my Bicycle Outfit. Also in the pipeline and needing only some finishing up are the sleeveless Zouave and the Swiss Waist to go with my Garibaldi Blouse to the 1860ies check dress. For that ensemble I will need to finish a blue short mantle and a bonnet as well. Then I can pack these outfits away with the good feeling that they are wearable.

Oh, and the bubblegum bathing costume of course. That too needs finishing.

Also on the to-do list are the red wool paletots for our steampunk uniforms, though they are not on the urgent-list.

My further plans for the 19th century category (all fabrics already in my stash) are:

  • a tea gown from the dark blue Ikea Nässelklocka
  • a seaside dress in white pique fabric with soutache decoration
  • a bustle dress from maroon and grey cotton satin
  • a ball gown from steel-blue velvet combined with blue-copper silk dupioni.
  • a 1890ies walking dress from light green wool accented with dark pink velvet trim.
  • a 1900 white summer dress incorporating the yoke and lace from the cape veil I wore three years ago at our second wedding, the day our registered partnership became a marriage for real.
  • a bustle dress from the incredible saree silk from the fashion district based on this example:

Not to forget then 18th century… there still is something to finish to have my milliner, Madame Juliette, nicely equipped (also all fabrics on stash…).

  • a robe a‘l anglaise from a nice green printed cotton I have
  • a riding/travelling costume from a nice dark green linen
  • a jacket and petticoat from berry-coloured linen
  • an ensemble from my dark green silk saree, probably Pierrot and Petticoat
  • a jacket from a light-blue and brown striped silk taffeta
  • a petticoat from the blue wool I already have a gown of
  • a jacket from the cream coloured worsted damask I have a petticoat of.

And then there‘s all the garments a gentleman needs

  • a suit in a light blue cotton damask with silver goldwork embroidery
  • a red wool suit in a nice deep red colour also with silver goldwork embroidery.

Considering the list, I will be non-stop sewing for the next years. Not counting the cosplay costume for the court jester.

Am I mad? Possibly. Still I‘m looking forward to fill my historical wardrobe.