I‘ve been asked so often whether there is a pattern for one of my workbags, which I created after museum pieces or from old ladies‘ journals. Until now I always answered „no, there isn‘t.“

Then Sherry from Steamtorium gave me the most brilliant idea during Costume College. Financing my costuming hobby with a number of electronic patterns. The nice thing about it is that I can have a shop without constantly having to provide new items. I can sell some of the sample bags when I feel like it, but that‘s strictly optional.

Right now I am in the middle of the pattern test for my red workbag which is a pretty complex thing, above all as this is completely made up following a number of pictures.

I already put together a collection of patterns from „Der Bazar“, „Godey‘s Ladies‘ Magazine“ and other such publications. As someone mentioned in a post on our Facebook group, there are so many things between the lines you have to know to follow these, that someone who was not taught up the old-fashioned way of being an allrounder in needlework as I was – mainly by my needlework-teacher grandma who lived through a war and knew just how important it could be to be independent of store-bought items – would have great difficulties of following those almost short-hand instructions. So, that‘s what I am busy with at present, sewing up a number of different bags to write instructions for. Stay tuned for the first patterns to arrive at my Etsy shop called, of course, Spitzenkiste as well.