Is it CADD (Costume Attention Deficit Disorder) when you throw all your sewing plans out of the window because you just realised that you have an opportunity coming up to wear something beautiful?

Originally we had planned to go to the Art Deco weekend at Bad Nauheim for one day only, wearing our bicycle outfits. Then the best wife of them all got us a hotel room to stay overnight and thus triggered the idea in me that I could wear two outfits. After all I had the skirt from the peacock costume that only needed a lacy ruffle. Make up a blouse to add the yoke to and there we go.

Or rather… there we would go if the underwear was already done. Which, of course, it wasn’t. By now I’ve finished a ruffly corset cover and a pair of Edwardian drawers with wiiiiide legs. Which by themselves already support the skirt nicely.

The skirt is done, I added a ruffle beneath the lace and covered both seams with satin ribbons, it only needs to be re-hemmed.

Before the re-hemming there is the need for the proper petticoat. Which already is completely cut and prepared, the skirt is sewn together, the flounce is sewn together, the ruffle is sewn together. They only need to be properly ruffled and sewn together which I will do tomorrow.

After that I have almost one week to finish the blouse and hat decoration. If I am completely over the top I will attempt to also get a huge hat done up. But that is strictly optional.

Let me finish this post with a loved detail, one of my self-made shirtwaist buttons used to button the corset cover and drawers, it measures 14 mm across and was wrapped in size 100 linen thread.